Own production department, consisting of the latest equipment together with the surface of 1000m2, our cooks, waiters and catering specialists provide a guarantee to our clients to produce any number of top-quality meals.
15 years long experience allowed us to create a unique team of top-class chefs, support teams, waiters and people in the catering department. Banquet, in which a team of 50 waiters serves food in a snake waiter system, for its participants and a team of 20 chefs grilling fresh and fragrant dishes at a picnic for 2,000 people - this is Your Catering Group.
Our resources allow, for example, to organize a picnic for 1,000 people on china plates with metal cutlery. Coffee is served in cups and drinks in glasses - after all, plastic is junk! In addition, of course, we can install floor for dancing and umbrellas.
We have tent halls in sizes ranging from 150 to 10 000 m2 at the time of the event or for the entire season. We can equip them with technical and banquet floors, elegant wall and ceiling galas, heating /air conditioning. On special orders we construct tents with our customer’s logo.

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